March 08, 2022

Art by Savi Ryan MAT ’22 Featured in LC’s 2022 Gender Studies Symposium

The 41st Annual Gender Studies Symposium examines how gender and sexuality affect dynamics of fantasy, exploring transformative questions of intimacy, pleasure, and politics.

Savi Ryan, MAT ’22, is currently pursuing their degree in secondary teaching with a content area emphasis in art, with the post-graduation goal of becoming a high school art teacher.

“Two of my identities include being an artist and being nonbinary. The Gender Studies Symposium really fuses those two parts of me together. Gender began to play a big role in my art when I took my first gender class in undergrad at PSU in 2015. I started incorporating more gender topics in my art and it’s become a huge part of my practice. This exploration of gender allowed me to explore my own gender identity, which led me to come out as nonbinary in 2021.”

Since then, Savi has felt comfortable in their body and loves making art about their gender and body.

“I’ll be graduating this spring and I’m excited to teach students and continue making art.”

Artist Statement

This work explores the female nude in a celebratory and fun way while also drawing attention to the “nicks” we encounter in our life. Some may be physical and others may be mental as well. It’s the parts of life that stick with us and never go away. It’s fun to get all done up with rhinestones and glitter. But sometimes our nicks may show through. But embracing and celebrating the nicks in life is helpful. We are all very strong beings and we’ve been through a lot. Wear your nicks proud. Honor, love, and celebrate your body. Be kind to your being.

The Gender Studies Symposium runs March 9 - 11, 2022. 

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