February 17, 2022

BOOM! There Goes Templeton!

Now that the entire front entrance of Templeton has been removed, traffic is being restricted on Templeton Way and earplugs are available for anyone working and living in close proximity to the loud machinery.

The Templeton Student Center renovation is well on its way! What was once a quiet, fenced-in construction site is now very loud with heavy machinery, excavation, and demolition. Facilities Services greatly appreciates the campus community being patient and putting up with the noise. We will be providing ear plugs to offices still operating within Templeton along with Campus Living for the nearby residential spaces.

Throughout last week, the entire front entrance of Templeton was removed. The construction fence in that area will move outward from the building as Bremik begins to rebuild the new entrance.

Another change our community will notice is that the road in front of the building, Templeton Way, will not be available to the general community. Access to the Akin parking lot will only be accessible through Gate #4. Only construction and emergency vehicles, and Facilities carts will be allowed through Templeton Way.

We appreciate how resilient our community is to the disruption of your everyday routines due to construction. The project will get more intense before it gets better, so please continue that resiliency, and we will continue to try to increase communication to those directly related so you are aware and can plan accordingly.

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