September 20, 2021

TransActive Update: New Partnerships, Continued Advocacy, Upcoming Professional Development

The coming Fall season will be one filled with new opportunities for TransActive Gender Project to continue having a positive impact on the children, youth, families and communities we serve. It will also be among our most challenging, as individuals and organizations from across the extremist spectrum continue their assault on the human and civil rights of gender-expansive, nonbinary and transgender children, youth and young adults.

These attacks are taking the form of criminalizing access to trans-affirming healthcare for adolescents and teens, denying trans youth the right to participate in team sports and intimidation of school boards nationwide if they consider adopting Comprehensive Sexuality or Critical Race Theory curriculum.

We are rising to meet the significant increase in requests for our advocacy services around child custody and school inclusion issues, and continuing to provide virtual child, youth and family support group services through Zoom. TransActive is also responding to the growing demand for professional development training from school districts, social services organizations and corporate entities that centers on gender identity, expression, sexual orientation and interrupting the vast amount of disinformation being spread about these kids and their families.

In this issue of the TransActive Gender Project newsletter, you will learn more about the specifics of the work we’re doing and the impact it is having. Visit our website for opportunities to become involved as a TransActive ally, activist, or accomplice in protecting the children in our lives.

Stay safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Fierce.


Jenn Burleton, Program Director, TransActive Gender Project

New & Noteworthy

PK-12 Gender Diversity Toolkit

TransActive continues to work on the PK-12 Gender Diversity Toolkit, a comprehensive and practical guide for teachers and staff to achieve the goal of creating more inclusive school environments for transgender and gender diverse youth. We are excited to welcome Ariadne Cheng, a second year graduate student in the Lewis & Clark Graduate School Student Affairs Administration program, to the toolkit research team! Together with Program Director, Jenn Burleton, Ariadne will be spearheading a study that will help provide specific support to the advocacy portion of the toolkit. More information on volunteer opportunities related to this study are coming soon!

Summer Training Series

TransActive recently completed a 3 part workshop series for PK-12 educators and staff in partnership with the Columbia Regional Educator Network. CREN is an organization in the Dalles, OR dedicated to enhancing educators’ access to professional learning and support. Here is what participants had to say about the programming.

“This training was awesome. Jenn was fantastic. Knowledgeable, open, engaging.
Lots of great information with time to process and discuss.”

“It was very helpful learning how to communicate with the transgender community, what is considered disrespectful and what to say that is affirming and supportive.”

View our current in-service offerings and request a training online


Fundraising Update

Pride Month Pop-Up

To celebrate Portland Pride in June, TransActive allies Ashley Hartner and Nicole Rendone organized a three-day pop-up shopping event staged in downtown to benefit TransActive. Dubbed “The Vault”, shoppers perused vintage designer wares from decade’s past, ultimately raising $5,125 for TransActive. The weekend included a virtual kick off event with TransActive staff, families, volunteers, and fellow fashion enthusiasts. Thank you to Ashley and Nicole for their partnership, and to all of the shoppers for coming through!

Remote Raising

This past December,—a listener supported, independent podcast network dedicated to video games and comedy—hosted their 7th annual live stream gameathon, Duckstream, to benefit TransActive. Far exceeding their $7,500 fundraising target, players generated $12,359 in donations throughout the 48-hour event. A huge thank you to all of the participants for their generosity, and to Duckfeed for their ongoing support!

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Online Professional Development

On July 29, we were joined by 27 allies from across Oregon and Washington for our virtual training Back To School: Trans-Spectrum Youth & Re-engagement Anxiety, addressing the impact of COVID-19 on gender diverse youth, and how those in non-affirming environments have been uniquely impacted by social isolation, as well as the return to in-person classrooms. The workshop generated a stimulating discussion, and many new connections! Up next:

Transgender in America: Looking Back and Moving Forward

This workshop instructed by Jenn Burleton will help participants have a better understanding of the complex personal, social, political and medical challenges that affect the lives of transgender people. Discussion will be relevant to those across the age spectrum, and include a retrospective examination of how generational attitudes toward gender diversity have impacted policies, civil and human rights, and access to healthcare. This knowledge will enhance and improve the implementation of personal and professional advocacy efforts in the areas of social justice, service delivery and family support. Details: $100 early-bird rate. Alumni, adjuncts, and school-based mentors and supervisors save 20%. $25 student rate. Free for L&C staff, faculty and clinical supervisors. 6 CEUs or PDUs