April 27, 2021

WATCH: Air Contaminants: Diesel, Woodsmoke, Wildfires, and Indirect Sources of Air Contamination

Watch the hour webinar here.
What are the priorities? What are our available tools?

Congress and State Legislatures are actively debating legislation to address the sources and causes of air pollution. State agencies are developing policies, rules, and regulations to control pollutants. Citizens are gathering signatures, submitting petitions, and working on strategies to understand and address air contaminants. It can be a challenge to stay current on all the moving pieces. This panel discussed the most up-to-date developments in air quality laws, regulations, policies, and the available tools.
Amy Schlusser, Staff Attorney, Green Energy Institute at Lewis & Clark Law School
Mary Peveto, Executive Director, Neighbors for Clean Air
Kathy Taylor, PhD, Manager, Air Quality Program, Washington Department of Ecology
Matthew Davis, Sr. Air Quality Policy Analyst, Oregon Dept of Environmental Quality
Moderator: Holly Duncan, Environmental Attorney, Environmental Law Educ. Center
Watch the hour webinar here.