March 10, 2021

Jenn Burleton Nominated to Receive Oregonians for Equality Award: Vote by March 15

Basic Rights Oregon has nominated TransActive Gender Project Program Director Jenn Burleton to recieve the Oregonians for Equality Award. The award honors standout individuals and businesses who have fought for LGBTQ equality.

From the Basic Right Oregon website: As Program Director for TransActive Gender Project at Lewis & Clark College, Jenn helps to provide much-needed social support and therapy services for LGBTQ people. From providing binders to helping young LGBTQ people navigate their family circumstances, Jenn is doing vital work to empower transgender and gender expansive children, youth, and their families in living healthy lives that are free of discrimination.

“To say I’m beyond honored just to be nominated would be an understatement,” Burleton said. “I believe that this award belongs to our team–and the commitment the Grad School has made–to the work of the TransActive Gender Project. Thank you all for your general wonderfulness and dedication.”

Votes must be submitted by March 15, 2021.