July 27, 2020

Professor Rafe McCullough receives the 2020 Reese House Social Justice Advocate of the Year Award

  • Dr. Rafe McCullough

Rafe McCullough, assistant professor of School Counseling, received the Reese House Social Justice Advocate of the Year Award from Counselors for Social Justice (CSJ). The award was founded in honor of Dr. House, a Counselors for Social Justice (CSJ) founding member who fought tirelessly for equity for all children and youth and transformed the school counseling movement and other social venues including LGBT equity and HIV/AIDS advocacy.

Carol Doyle, associate professor of Professional Mental Health Counseling, shares that McCullough’s advocacy to LGBT issues and school counseling reminds her of Dr. House in many ways.

McCullough received this award for his outstanding contributions to social justice advocacy for students in K-12 schools as well as the school counseling profession, including his commitment to closing achievement, opportunity, attainment and funding gaps, and/or ensuring career and higher education readiness for all K-12 students.

In addition to receiving the award, McCullough has the opportunity to direct funding from the Reese House Memorial social justice advocacy organization to an organization of his choosing.

Dr. McCullough, your dedication, enthusiasm, and contribution to social justice advocacy are inspiring. Congratulations on receiving the Reese House Social Justice Advocate of the Year Award!