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Caregiver Needed!

May 28, 2020

Part-time employment offered: Caregiver to provide mentoring and assistance to a young man with depression and related disabilities.

Duties will include checking in regularly, helping to normalize routine tasks like laundry and food preparation, and helping to monitor adherence to a medication routine. An important task will be to encourage participation in activities outside the home, ideally activities of interest to both caregiver and client such that the caregiver can actively participate with the client, and provide companionship/mentorship as well. Other tasks include encouraging consistent, timely communication and the use of a calendar to manage time commitments,assuring that medical appointments are kept, and occasionally attending therapy appointments with the client. This job should be of interest to someone who intends to make a career of working with people suffering from mental illness and is skilled at building rapport with such a person.

The employee will be taking over this position from a current Pacific University graduate student in the Psychology Department. More details can be provided by the current caregiver after initial expression of interest (contact information follows).

Hours: About 10 hrs/week,on a flexible schedule to be mutually determined by caregiver and client.

Wage: $20 per hour

Location: NE Portland

Those interested can contact Tammy Wood at

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