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OWP Graduates Present at Northwest Teaching for Social Justice Conference

October 27, 2017

Thirty-six Pacific Northwest teachers who have participated in Oregon Writing Project classes presented workshops at the recent Northwest Teaching for Social Justice Conference in Seattle. Over 1350 regional educators attended this day-long event entitled “Rethinking Our Classrooms, Organizing for Better Schools.”

Workshop presenters included: Moé Yonamine, Ursula Wolfe-Rocca, Coco Vernon, Ian Twiss, Tim Swinehart, Alex Stegner, Abby Rotwein, Donald Rose, Matt Reed, Shannon Pate, Michelle Nicola, Willow McCormick, Kevin Marshall, Jessica Loomis, Natalie LaBossiere, Gretchen Kraig-Turner, Kim Kanof, Jaydra Johnson, Tara Jardine, Shawnté Hines, Kara Hinderlie, Chelsea Hallam, Ryan Ghan, Jesse Gardner, Maureen Fitzgerald, Jacque Fitzgerald, Angela DiPasquale, Mychiel Deych, Bryan Chu, Jayme Causey, Chris Buehler, Brady Bennon, Camila Arze Torres Goitia, Nancy Arteaga, Katy Alexander, and OWP Director, Linda Christensen.

In Fall 2018 this conference will be held in Portland. More information about next year’s conference will become available in late spring.

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