March 16, 2017

School psychology professor Peter Mortola offers community lecture on navigating adolescence

Navigating adolescence: Helping our teens find a line through three crucial passages

What does parenting an adolescent or being an adolescent have to do with kayaking through rapids? This research-based, interactive presentation for parents of teenagers is intended to help us gain some helpful perspective on adolescence and to address the following questions: What are three crucial passages of adolescence? What are the pitfalls and possibilities of these passages? How can we assist our teens on their way? How can we increase compassion for them and us along the way?

When: Thursday evening, March 23rd, 7:00-8:30 pm

Where: Sellwood Middle School Library

Cost: Free of charge, donations can be made to the PTA and Foundation at the door

Peter Mortola, PhD is a parent of a sixth grader and a third grader and is a Professor of Counseling and School Psychology at Lewis and Clark’s Graduate School of Education and Counseling. He is also the Co-Director of Lewis and Clark’s nationally-approved, Educational Specialist degree program in School Psychology. He is the author of Windowframes: Learning the art of Gestalt play therapy the Oaklander way (Routledge/Gestaltpress, 2006), recently translated into Korean, German and Spanish. He is also the co-author of BAM! Boys Advocacy and Mentoring: A leader’s guide to facilitating strength-based groups for boys (Routledge, 2008). For more information:,