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American Academy Casablanca in Morocco hiring teachers to start August 2017

February 16, 2017

Teachers needed for the 2017-18 school year. Our main aim is to be the center of Project-based Learning. Teachers with knowledge of inquiry-based learning will find our program exciting.

Currently, our enrollment is 650, preschool-high school with 2-3 sections in each grade of approx 18-22 students.

We are trilingual English (American curriculum), Arabic (heritage language), and French (language of business in Morocco). We just moved into a brand new campus with facilities that will permit learning outside the classroom. We have three gyms, tennis courts, pool, farm, labs, etc. I haven’t ordered any textbooks because I want to seek the best tools for teaching - teachers will help me decide the direction.

We are in the co-constructing phase of our curricular programs so it’s a great opportunity for teachers looking to put their creativity, innovations and mark - yes, even for new teachers!

We offer an initial two-year contract and we pay for everything. Moroccan Dirhams are 10 to 1 US. Cost of living is relatively very inexpensive and, as you know, travel to the European Union is a hop and a skip for about $150 RT.

Morocco is a developing country with incredible growth - infrastructure such as highways, pots, affordable local housing, hospitals etc. The country is tolerant and prides itself for being accepting of cultures and religions. Moroccans are serviceable, friendly and willing to help. They are gracious because they feel pride that we chose their country as our country. Food is oh, so delicious! Fresh fish and vegetables as well as beef. Never tasted such sweetness in vegetables.

I need teachers who are flexible as we are in development, problem-solvers, and, most of all, teacher-leaders in their own right. The students are wonderful!

Lastly, I will personally support teachers as their success is all of our success.

▪ Economy one-way airfare from home of record at beginning/end of contract term
▪ Excess baggage allowance (3,000 Dirhams at beginning and 3,000 dhs at end of contract term)
▪ Contract terms are for two (2) years
▪ Shared housing accommodations (furnished) / Single Housing option available
▪ Free Wi-fi/satellite tv
▪ Utilities subsidy (capped at 400 dhs/mo per person)
▪ Transportation to/from school
▪ Free cafeteria lunch
▪ Tuition waiver for dependent child (100% 1st child/50% 2nd child)
▪ Cell phone
▪ Medical insurance
▪ CNSS (local social security)
▪ Annual Professional development allowance ($500 usd/5,000 MAD)
▪ Re-signing bonuses (5% salary increase plus 25,000 MAD)

For more information, contact:

Ms. Patricia Martinez-Orozco
Head of School
American Academy Casablanca Green Town Campus
RN 3020 Ville Verte Casa Green Town, Bouskoura, Casablanca, Morocco
Tel: 05 29 03 91 12 EXT. 3113

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