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CELS program recognized for diversity and STEM outreach

September 30, 2016

Phi Beta Kappa has recognized Portland, Oregon as their second Arts & Sciences City of Distinction. The award showcases metropolitan areas with exceptional artistic vitality, cultural vibrancy, and scientific engagement.

As part of this recognition, they will also host an awards reception recognizing the innovative efforts of the Regional Arts & Culture Council, led by Eloise Damrosch, and four exemplary local organizations that build creative exchanges with new and diverse audiences in the arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences or mathematics. 

At the October 19th event, Lewis & Clark College’s Community Engagement and Leadership in Science (CELS) program was honored to be recognized.

The Phi Beta Kappa event website states that the “[CELS program] strengthens pathways into math and science education for students from underrepresented backgrounds while preparing Lewis & Clark College of Arts & Sciences students to pursue careers as future educators in a diverse and changing society.”

CELS co-directors Liza Finkel (Graduate School) and Liz Stanhope (College of Arts and Sciences) were on-hand to receive the award. Liza Finkel holds the HHMI Faculty Fellowship that funds this program.

Complete details can be found the event homepage.


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