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The Rachel Royston Permanent Scholarship Foundation

August 29, 2016

 The Rachel Royston Permanent Scholarship Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of scholarships for the 2017-2018 academic year. The following guidelines apply:


1)    Be a woman educator (or in training to be an educator) pursuing post bachelor’s graduate level work, or advanced study at an accredited institution of higher learning

2)    Be a bona fide resident of Washington State

3)    Meet reasonable standards of scholarship, professional service, and other evidence of future potential in the field of education

4)    Complete the application process, with all items postmarked on or before November 16, 2016.


The Rachel Royston Scholarship Permanent Scholarship Foundation is affiliated with the Alpha Sigma State (Washington) Chapter of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society, an international organization of key women educators. Since 1968 over $835,200 has been awarded to over 420 deserving women. We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, registered with the State of Washington.

For more information:

Further information and/or an application packet may be obtained from:


           Annamarie Lavieri, Secretarial Assistant

           Rachel Royston Permanent Scholarship Foundation

           PO Box 375

          Hansville, WA 98340

           (360) 638-1088


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