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September 28, 2015

Enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan is voluntary for Graduate students throughout the academic year. Enrollment must be completed online with Regence each semesterThe enrollment for Fall Semester will open August 1st through October 1st.  For enrollment in the final summer session, please call Patricia Wylie or Cassie Brown at USI Northwest (503-295-6357).  For information about benefits and coverage click on the link for the Graduate Student Summary of Benefits below. 


2015-16 Graduate Student Summary of Benefits

The deadlines for voluntary enrollment are:  

  • 2015-16 Graduate Student Enrollment Deadline Dates: Fall Semester - 10/1/15;  Spring Semester - 2/1/16;  Summer - Group “A” - 6/11/16; Group “B” -7/16/16; Group “C” - 8/20/16.

REMINDER, if you wish to enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan, YOU MUST ENROLL EVERY SEMESTER.  You will not receive a prompt or bill from the insurance company to enroll each semester.  Note:  If you enroll in January for Spring semester, you are also covered for summer through August 31.


Additional help with insurance questions also can be found by calling Patricia Wylie at USI Northwest (503-295-6357), Moira Domann in the Business Office (503-768-7878)      

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