August 31, 2015

First Annual Oregon Ecopsychology Symposium

The inaugural Oregon Ecopsychology Symposium was held earlier this summer on June 5th, 2015

The inaugural Oregon Ecopsychology Symposium was held earlier this summer on June 5th, 2015 at Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling.

The daylong symposium featured training sessions, group dialogue and lectures from expert speakers, giving the counselors, educators, students and sustainability professionals in attendance the opportunity to hear a number of local Oregon scholars discuss the “ecopsychological” aspects of their work. 

“What an honor to spend time with all of these gifted Oregon colleagues, and be reminded of the the depth of their skills and accomplishments. This was one concrete example of how focusing on the local can be an antidote to despair or disillusionment about the state of the world. I came away refreshed and inspired!”
- Thomas Doherty, PsyD, Director, Ecopsychology Certificate Program

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