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Professor Greg Smith publishes new article on community organizing, schools and the right to the city

April 30, 2015

  • greg smith

Professor Greg Smith has a new article, “Community Organizing, Schools, and the Right to the City” available in the current issue of Environmental Education Research. Smith published a large breadth of work on place-based education, including his 2010 book Place- and Community-based Education in Schools (co-written with David Sobel).

Smith’s article focuses on neoliberalism and the main tenants of that and how it abandons social safety and environmental protection, but he also sees a solution. “Non-formal and formal educators in Detroit, Michigan and Roxbury, Massachusetts are demonstrating how young people can become participants in efforts to resist this vision and join with their communities in inventing solutions that promise to be healthier for human beings and the natural world.”

Smith has been busy this spring. In February, he delivered the keynote talk at the annual conference of the Center for Geography Education in Oregon, participated in a small group conversation about enhancing citizen participation among K-12 students at the Kettering Foundation in Ohio, and gave two workshops about place-based education to teachers and administrators in Chilliwack, British Columbia.


Read more about Greg Smith’s work here

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