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Thomas Doherty

May 07, 2014

After helping to found the Ecopsychology certificate, Thomas Doherty is continuing to publish on the psychological aspects of environmental issues and the restorative effects of nature.

Doherty designed the chapter, “Improving Human Functioning: Ecotherapy and Environmental Health Approaches,” for Research Methods in Environmental Psychology to help students understand what ecotherapy research looks like. He gave three examples: a nature-based mental health program in Scotland, research on wilderness therapy programs in the U.S. and Canada, and research on the restorative effects of nearby parks and gardens for people of color in urban communities.

Doherty also wrote several articles, including “Annotated Guide to Graduate Education in Environmentally Focused Psychology and Therapy,” for the journal Ecopsychology. Many students are inspired by the study of environmental psychology, but don’t know what to look for in a program. With the index of graduate programs in his guide, Doherty helps them navigate the field. He includes more therapeutic approaches and programs focused on architecture, conservation, and sustainability.

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