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Kimberly Campbell

May 01, 2014

Associate Professor Kimberly Campbell published two journal articles this year on teaching the essay in middle and high school language arts classes.

In “Learning to Love the Essay,” which appeared as the lead article in the fall 2013 issue of the Oregon English Journal, Campbell argued that English teachers should rely less on novels, and more on short texts, including essays. “My hope is that students will find that essays give voice to everyday experiences—both individual and universal,” Campbell wrote.

“Beyond the five-paragraph essay” appeared in the April issue of the journal Educational Leadership. Campbell presented an alternative to the five-paragraph formula for English class essays. Of the overused form, she wrote, “Its offer of structure stops the very thinking we need students to do.” Instead, she proposed that students do close reading in preparation to write, develop an authoritative voice and work with teachers to find a structure suited to their topic.  

Campbell also wrote “A Call to Action: Why We Need More Practitioner Research” for the current issue of the journal Democracy & Education.  The article is a response arguing that to improve their teaching, educators should embrace research of their own classroom practice.

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