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Ruth Shagoury

April 24, 2014

Through research, teaching, and volunteer work, Professor of Education Ruth Shagoury promotes children’s literacy and language acquisition. Her research on young emergent bilingual children’s writing development will appear as a chapter in the forthcoming book Spotlight on Young Children: Exploring Language and Literacy. The book discusses child language and literacy development through age eight, with classroom examples and a professional development guide. In a week-long webinar following the book release, early childhood educators can give Shagoury their questions and comments.

Shagoury also studies teacher research, especially focused on issues of teaching and social justice. In “A Model Teacher-Researcher: An Interview with Ruth Shagoury,” for the journal Talking Points, Dick Koblitz interviewed Shagoury on teacher research in the past, present and future. “Using children’s literature, more global literature, to introduce and discuss worldwide issues,” Shagoury told Koblitz, “can have a strong impact on children’s attitudes.”

Much of Shagoury’s work focuses on language and literature acquisition with diverse student populations.To ground her research and teaching, she volunteers in classrooms from prekindergarten through high school. She is a leader in Choice Literacy, an organization that offers resources to K-12 teachers. Her twelve books on teacher research and children’s literacy include Raising Writers: Understanding and Nurturing Young Children’s Writing Development (Allyn & Bacon, 2009) and Starting with Comprehension: Reading Strategies with the Youngest Learners (Stenhouse, 2005).

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