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Kasi Allen

April 24, 2014

Associate Professor of Education Kasi Allen published two articles in the national Mathematics Teacher journal this fall. In “Geoboard Triangle Quest,” Allen begins with a student’s question: How many triangles can you make on a geoboard? She presents the problem as a way to meet Common Core Standards while saving time and allowing many students to contribute to class discussions.

“As they devise plans for finding a solution and implement them, often revising as they go,” Allen writes, “students experience the thrill and empowerment associated with creating mathematics.”

In “Problems Before Procedures: Systems of Equations,” Allen draws on her experiences with teaching high school algebra to argue that teachers should give students problems before presenting procedures. “Using problems to drive mathematics instruction,” she writes, “levels the playing field by valuing powerful thinking over memorization.”

Learn more about the new Common Core math standards from professor Allen.

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