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Are you a Global Nomad?

February 03, 2014

Who are TCKs or Global Nomads?

Third Culture Kids (TCKs) or Global Nomads are individuals who have spent a significant part of their lifetimes outside their parents’ cultures, usually because of their parents’ work. The “Third Culture” refers to the a combination of the expatriate culture in which the students often live, the culture of their passport country, and the culture of the host country.  Approximately 140 TCKs study at Lewis & Clark each year. Examples include a US student growing up in Malaysia because her mother and father teach at the international school; or, a Korean student who has lived in Singapore, Kuwait, and Vancouver because his father is in the Korean diplomatic corps.

TCKs are known by various names, including “biz kids” (whose parents work for international businesses), “MKs” or “Missionary Kids,” “army brats” (whose parents serve abroad with the military), “diplomatic kids” (whose parents serve with the foreign service), and so on. Some prefer the title of “Global Nomad.”

Programs for TCKs

Lewis & Clark established its TCK program in 1992 with the goal of recognizing and meeting the unique needs of TCKs. Today the program celebrates the unique contributions TCKs make on our campus.  Among other things, TCK activities include:

  1. TCK Tuesdays - a biweekly social gathering at a cafe on campus. Usually includes discussions and delicious desserts.
  2. Ethnic Dinner Trips - group outings to international restaurants in Portland.
  3. College Outdoor Trips - trips for TCKs to explore the beautiful nature of Oregon.
  4. Career workshops for TCKs - a session once a year aimed specifically at TCKs and how their background can help them in the future.

Contact Information

If you are a TCK and have questions about the group, please email Alyssa Kurosu,theTCK Intern in the International Students and Scholars Office.  Her email is:

Join our Facebook Group: Third Culture Kids of Lewis and Clark

Additionally, you may contact:

Brian White, Associate Dean of Students/Director of International Students & Scholars

Bridget Flaherty, Assistant Director of International Students & Scholars.

Carolyn Locke, Administrative Specialist of International Students & Scholars.

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