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New Spring Core Credit Experiences Added

February 03, 2014

To register for these, go to “Core” on WebAdvisor.  Also note that some enrollment caps on other events have been increased.
Feb.11, 5-7 pm
CORE 585-13 Engaging Boys: Educational Strategies that Play to
Boys’ Strengths

This three-hour workshop will examine the data on how boys are
doing in schools, review boys? unique developmental issues, and
share strategies for utilizing literary strategies that tend to
work for boys.

From an understanding of boys? communication preferences we will
address enlarging the circle of what we consider to be valuable
literacy activities, ways to make literacy activities more
engaging, and skillfully managing elements of violence and humor
in boys’ writing.
March 16, 1-4 pm
CORE 585-14 Street Dialogue on Violence: Intro into Theater of
the Oppressed

An experiential afternoon workshop using street theater to engage
the local community in dialogues about violence in all of its
varied forms. We will use an approach inspired by the Brazilian
writer, politician and activist Augusto Boal who created Theater
of the Oppressed. This method of generating social change uses
theatrical techniques to construct collaborative community
dialogues and to empower those experiencing oppression. This will
be an educational experiment where we will try to gain a clearer
picture of how violence is viewed and understood outside of
April 26
CORE 585-15 Creativity-Based Self-Care for Purpose-Driven

This workshop invites purpose-driven professionals to reconnect
with their motivation for their work, address the reality of
burn-out, and explore arts-based tools to manage stress and
support sustainable self-care and rejuvenation. This practice of
integrated self-care provides a necessary foundation for our
continued work, enabling us to better achieve our mission as
agents of change.
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