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When do I complete the ESOL practicum? How is it different from the regular student teaching experience?

January 29, 2014

Lewis & Clark places all M.A.T. students at school sites for a full school year. Students in the M.A.T. with ESOL Endorsement program will be placed in a school that serves a significant English language learner (ELL) population and meets state-mandated requirements for the ESOL practicum sites. In other words, your student teaching site will be also serve as your ESOL practicum site.

Students in the M.A.T. with ESOL program will be required to complete 45 (rather than 75) hours in the second-level classroom. Students will then also complete an ESOL practicum in the building.

The ESOL practicum is conducted during the fall and spring semesters and consists of experiences in two instructional settings serving the unique instructional needs of ELLs: During targeted English language development (ELD) instruction that could be delivered in a “pull out” or “push in” structure and in a general classroom setting in which content instruction is adapted to meet the language needs of ELL students (sheltered instruction).

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