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SALT financial literacy resources coming your way this week

November 11, 2013

Lewis & Clark has teamed up with SALT, a new membership program, to help our students manage their money and their student loans. Here’s the best part—we are providing all of its services to you as a gift, free of charge.

Check your L&C inbox for an email invitation to join SALT in the next few days. If you do not receive your SALT email in the next week or so, contact SALT’s Member Support team at 855-469-2724.

For more information about the benefits and services offered by SALT, please visit the Financial Aid Office website.

This on-line resource will provide Financial Literacy modules. And, students can have access to one-on-one advise regarding their loan repayment options, from this (neutral) third party, prior to making loan repayment decisions, and committing to a loan repayment plan with their (assigned) federal Loan Servicer.

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