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The Marriage of Figaro

November 01, 2013

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The Marriage of Figaro by Pierre Beaumarchais

Adapted by Richard Nelson

Performances: November 1,2, 7, 8 & 9 at 7:30pm
Visit the Box Office for ticket information.


NEW: a post-show ‘talk back’ discussion will follow the November 7th performance.

Directed and Scene Design by Associate Professor Michael Olich
Costume Designer: Costume Shop Manager Ashton Hull
Lighting Designer: Staff Technical Director Matthew Robins
Choreographer: Kemba Shannon
Fight Director: Rusty Tennant
Percussionist: Steven Skolnik

“The Revolution already put into action…”

                                                            - Napolean Bonaparte
                                                              (regarding The Marriage of Figaro)

It’s Suzanna’s wedding day, but the Count wants something from his wife’s maid that she only wants to give her new husband - or does she?  The Countess knows her secret, and together they plot to save each other…

Banned in its time for its shocking denunciation of aristocratic privilege, The Marriage of Figaro is infamous for helping to inspire the French Revolution.  A contemporary adaptation keeps this whirlwind of lies, mistaken identities and shifting power-dynamics spinning in a production that will keep its characters guessing until the final revelations!


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