April 30, 2013

Kimberly Schiewe is the 2013 student commencement speaker

Student commencement speaker Kimberly Schiewe, M.Ed. ’13, is motivated by family and a commitment to serving others.

Student commencement speaker Kimberly Schiewe, M.Ed. ’13, has worn many outfits on the road to becoming a Lewis & Clark graduate. Before pursuing her own dream of becoming a school counselor, Kimberly helped deliver magic to children and the young-at-heart during a yearlong internship as a “face character” at Walt Disney World. 

A serial volunteer, Kimberly has donated her time to the Portland-area schools, AmeriCorps, The Make a Wish Foundation, SOLV, and many other organizations. She has a strong passion for helping others, and tries to give back as often as possible. In addition to the full-time jobs of parenting and being a graduate student, Kimberly owns her own photography business and works as a part-time school counselor at Centennial High School in the Portland-Gresham area.

At Lewis & Clark, Kimberly says she gained more than an education:

During grad school, I lost three very inspiring women in my life: Grandma Elma Bronson, Great Grandma Blanche Blackman, and my mother, Christa Bronson-Schiewe. I have nothing but love and admiration for Lewis & Clark’s faculty and students. There was not a moment throughout these tragedies that I felt misunderstood or without support. Lewis & Clark has become “home” and I am so very blessed to have been accepted into such an incredible program before marching through the toughest year of my life and son’s life.

After graduation, Kimberly will work as a school counselor in the local Portland area, and “grow, serve, and continue to learn.” In time (after she’s had a few years to “play like crazy” with her son), she hopes to return to school to earn a PhD in education, continuing her career in school leadership.

A native Oregonian, Kimberly Schiewe grew up in Mulino and graduated from Molalla High School in 2005. After leaving the sunshine state, Kimberly returned to Clackamas Community College where she served in student leadership roles and finished her Associate of Arts degree, graduating in 2008 with honors. In the fall of 2009, Kimberly had her son, Kellen, and began undergraduate study in both Arts & Letters and Communication Studies when he was just 15 days old.  She has been a student every term since then. She is the recipient of numerous local and national scholarships, including the Ford Family Foundation Opportunity Scholarship and the Presidential Freedom Scholarship from the Corporation for National & Community Service.