April 25, 2013

Mogensen Lecture highlights director of Oregon Writing Project

Linda Christensen, directer of Lewis & Clark’s Oregon Writing Project, delivered this year’s Mogensen lecture on confidence and hope in education.

The 10 year anniversary of the Martin Mogensen lecture series at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire featured Linda Christensen’s talk “Outrageous Hope: Literacy and Social Justice.” Christensen, who directs the Oregon Writing Project, spoke about the human potential that arises from concerted social justice efforts in the classroom. She suggested ways to build students’ intellectual confidence and design a curriculum tailored to their experiences. Christensen taught language arts for over 30 years. Her research focuses on aiding struggling readers and writers. The Mogensen Lecture Series honors Martin Mogensen, one of the first victims of school shootings in America, and promotes solutions to a variety of social issues.