February 23, 2012

Alumni Association Board of Directors

Lisa Whittemore

1. Briefly, what were the responsibilities of your position?

Attend a 1 hour monthly meeting. Provide Alumni updates on student concerns regarding needs at the school & concerns for the job market. Answer questions that may concern students.

2. What was your total time commitment for both internal and external committees?

Alumni board: 1 hr per month

The fine print: 3-4 hours per month

Elections: 5 hours a semester

3. What were the benefits of your experience?

The BOV is comprised of professionals at the pinnacles of their careers. They are also all very passionate about seeing Lewis & Clark Law School, and its students, succeed which is a great energy to work with. The position also gives an opportunity to work with the greater SBA and help with some of the programming and initiatives it provides for students.