Spring Explosion of Ethnobotany and Edible Plants

The forests around campus are exploding with new leaves, wildflowers, and (especially) trilliums!  The natural areas look their best in the spring, and you should experience it!  Grab your “pod” mates, or come on your own. Learn about the Native American and early European settlers’ uses of these plants, and which ones are good to eat, right here on the L&C campus and in the surrounding natural areas! Spend an afternoon getting to know the plants that grow right in your own LC backyard! We’ll spend about 1.5 to 2 hours exploring the natural spaces around campus while learning about traditional, medicinal, and other uses of plant species. Find out which plants are edible, and which are poisonous!  Learn how to identify native trees by their buds and other winter characteristics.  Winter is the time when mosses, ferns, and lichens grow best, since they get more sunshine (with the leaves being gone from deciduous trees) This is the perfect opportunity to take a break and get outdoors with your “pod mates, or connect with other students and learn to appreciate the nature outside your window in a whole new way. https://www.lclark.edu/calendars/events/#!view/event/event_id/328295 Learn more at http://lclark.presence.io/event/spring-explosion-of-ethnobotany-and-edible-plants-2