Marshall Park Wildflowers and Waterfalls

Hike from campus about 1.5 miles to the upper reaches of Tryon Creek, where the water cascades over basaltic rocks at little-known Marshall Park, forming the “Marshall Cascades”.  Huge evergreen trees tower over the trail in this park. These “waterfalls” are actually called the Marshall Cascades, the upper reaches of Tryon Creek dropping down a series of natural rock steps, but they are super pretty and the nearest thing to a waterfall close to campus. And now that it’s been raining, they’re much more impressive than they were in the summer or early fall. Marshall Park is a fairly unknown city park which is connected to Tryon Creek State Natural Area. It used to be a quarry, and was donated to the city by the Marshalls in 1951. Now it has a thick canopy of evergreens and big leaf maples. It’s 1.5 miles from campus via some quiet city streets. Wear good hiking shoes or boots as parts of the trails can definitely be muddy. Unlike Tryon Creek Natural Area, the trails in Marshall Park are usually less busy.!view/event/event_id/328291 Learn more at