Uncivil Societies: Explaining Government Repression Against NGOs featuring Assistant Professor Suparna Chaudhry

Recent decades have seen an increasing government crackdown on civil society groups, particularly non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Why do countries repress these organizations? How do they weigh the costs and benefits of using violent and non-violent strategies of crackdown and under what conditions do they use one over the other to repress NGOs? This talk will look at the evolution in countries’ repressive toolkits. It will introduce new data on the use of “administrative crackdown,” which is the use of laws to control, obstruct or repress challenging civil society groups. The talk will conclude by discussing the implications of this crackdown on the foreign aid community, the functioning of civil society groups, and patterns of philanthropy towards civil society organizations working in repressive countries. Tuesday, March 16, 2021 5:00 p.m. (PST), Virtual lecture followed by Q&A Register here! This event will take place over Zoom.  Learn more about Professor Chaudhry, here.