From Poverty Panacea to Credit Crisis: The Impacts of Microfinance Expansion in Southeast Asia featuring Associate Professor Maryann Bylander

Over the past 30 years microcredit—the provision of small loans to formerly unbanked households—has become a central development tool across the Global South. Yet the impacts of microcredit have been uneven, with many critics arguing that it has done more harm than good. Join Associate Professor of Sociology Maryann Bylander for an exploration of microcredit in Cambodia—one of the most microfinance-saturated countries in the world. Drawing on over a decade of mixed-methods research in Cambodia, Professor Bylander will explore the rise of microcredit, its transformation from a social to a commercial project, and the growing concerns of over-indebtedness, distress migration, and land dispossession that have arisen alongside. This discussion will challenge us to consider the unintended consequences of development projects in the Global South. Wednesday, March 3, 2021 5:00 p.m. (PST), virtual presentation followed by Q&A Register Here! This event will take place over Zoom. Learn more about Maryann Bylander, here. Read about Maryann’s research in Cambodia in the 2018 Chronicle, here. Keep an eye on our virtual events webpage for details on future events. Question about this event? Email Emily Decker: