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Blackout Girl the Film Pre-screening/Q&A

Date: 6:30pm - 7:30pm PST February 25

  • Blackout Girl the Film

About this Event
Hosted by the National Crime Victim Law Institute, this is an evening dedicated to exploring crime victim recovery resilience through a look at the relationship between trauma and addiction and the role victims’ rights can play.

What is Blackout Girl the Film about?
Shining a light on dark secrets reveals the path to recovery.

This documentary tells the story of a 12-year old girl who is raped during an alcohol-induced blackout, beginning a ten-year journey into darkness. Jennifer Storm’s story teaches us important lessons about the role of trauma in addiction and illuminates a new pathway to recovery.

“Our secrets keep us sick.”

These words changed everything for Jennifer Storm. With her wrists still stinted and bandaged from a brutal and nearly fatal suicide attempt, Jennifer was just days into rehab when she heard those words. Jen realized that her silence fed her shame and that her shame kept her bound to her addiction. And she wasn’t alone.

Up to 90% of women with addiction issues report a history of sexual abuse or severe violence. In spite of this, the prevalent treatment modalities in drug and alcohol addiction do not directly deal with trauma.

Based on her highly acclaimed autobiography, Blackout Girl is the story of Jennifer Storm’s descent into addiction and despair after being raped, and her subsequent triumph over darkness as she moved past her trauma to become the leading voice for victims in Pennsylvania and a national advocate for victims’ rights.

Jennifer’s story demonstrates how rape, childhood abuse, and other traumatic experiences create a fertile ground for addiction and other self-destructive behaviors and offers insight into what the recovery, mental health treatment, and legal communities need to do to help victims become survivors.

As the #MeToo movement has demonstrated, crime survivors are the most powerful voices in helping us understand the impact of trauma. We’ll hear from Jennifer about how she turned her trauma into triumph. By giving victims the microphone and listening, we can learn to be better allies.

Ultimately, Blackout Girl is a story of hope, meant to inspire the many victims of assault struggling with addiction. For more information about Blackout Girl the Film, please visit Jennifer Storm’s website.

Ticket Cost:

Tickets are $10 and include snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic). No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Contact us at with questions.

About the Author and Producer
Jennifer Storm has appeared on The Today Show, ABC World News, E! News, and in countless newspapers and magazines including Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, for her expertise on victim experiences.

The National Crime Victim Law Institute is proud to bring this important story of recovery and resilience.

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