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Continuing Education

[Online] Decision Counseling for Lifestyle and Career Development

Date: April 8 Location: Online


This course will help students gain an understanding of the world of work in the lives of all clients, and develop the knowledge and skills needed to provide career development and information services. Content will focus on theory and services in practice in the field of career counseling. It includes the practice of counseling tools that provide people with guidance for career- and lifestyle decisions.

Upon completion of this course, participants will have an understanding of:

  • Various theories and models of career development, work, and vocational information;
  • The practice and various forms of career and leisure counseling, guidance, and education;
  • Career and lifestyle issues related to women, minorities, disabled people, and underrepresented groups; 
  • Counseling tools that provide people with guidance for career- and lifestyle decisions, and that support them in their career development.

Participants will practice applying these counseling tools to real-life problems by working with each other in role playing scenarios or on real career/lifestyle decisions. Additionally, participants will explore the theoretical backgrounds as well as gain practical experience in the use of various career assessments.

Course Details & Registration

Datess: April 8 -May 13
Instructor: Ursina Teuscher, PhD

Graduate Continuing Education credit: CECP 866-02, 2 semester hours, $700 

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About the Instructor

Ursina Teuscher holds a PhD in Applied Psychology (2004) and a professional license as a career counselor (2000) from the University of Fribourg in Switzerland. She had been teaching in academic settings as well as in the public and private sector since 2001 and has developed a variety of classes and work-shops on decision-making and other topics in psychology, including a decision-training program for adolescents; undergraduate and graduate classes taught in Switzerland and the US; and post-graduate training courses for career counselors. She has published numerous peer-reviewed research articles in the fields of cognitive and applied psychology, neuroscience, decision-making, and coaching techniques.

Ursina has offers decision counseling and career coaching in her private practice. As a decision coach and facilitator, she helps people and organizations think more systematically and creatively about achieving their goals. Her counseling approach builds on many of the decision aiding techniques and assessments taught in this class. Read more information about her background and expertise here.