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Continuing Education

Literature Circles for Building Social Justice

Date: 9:00am PDT August 14, 2018 Location: Grant High School at Marshall Site

Grant High School at Marshall Site

As teachers, a chorus of voices gives us constant, and sometimes conflicting, advice. One voice urges us to give students choice. But another, equally loud voice, reminds us that students need guidance and grounding in the study of literature in order to develop critical consciousness.

In this workshop, Literature Circles for Building Social Justice, we will demonstrate how themed literature circles can contribute to developing both literary and critical capacities, giving students choice, but also pushing them to think about the world, past and present, through common discussions and writing prompts. Our literature circles will examine literature, nonfiction, and our lives through a feminist lens.

We will meet four times and focus on the literature circle entitled, “Slaying Misogyny”. We will read, write, and share our writing around the choice books for middle and high school level students. We will address a variety of ways to run literature circles, build a database for the subject, and provide a book list of age-appropriate fiction, nonfiction, poetry, websites, and media. Teachers will walk away with an entire curriculum for running a 4-6 week literature circles unit.

Please register by July 20th to reserve your place.

  • The Oregon Writing Project (OWP) is a collaboration program between Lewis & Clark and metropolitan or rural area schools and districts, and offers programs designed to improve the writing of Oregon’s K-12 students and teachers. 

Course Details & Registration

Dates: Tuesday-Friday, August 14-17, 2018, 9am-1pm

Instructors: Mykhiel Deych, MAT, MFA and Jacqueline Fitzgerald, MEd 

Graduate Continuing Education Credit: CEED 839, 1 semester hour, $350

Continuing education credit registration form (PDF)

  • *Please note: Completed registration forms containing social security numbers and/or credit card information should not be submitted via email. If you choose to pay by credit card, please mail or fax your registration to the Center for Community Engagement, using the contact information on the right-hand side of this webpage.

About the Instructors

Jacqueline Fitzgerald has been teaching English language arts for eight years with five years of experience at the middle school level and three years teaching high school. She currently teaches at Westview High School in Beaverton and loves weaving Oregon Writing Project and AVID strategies into her practice. She believes that stories have the power to transform hearts, minds, and the world.

Mykhiel Deych teaches English and Writer’s Workshop at Grant High School. They taught Writing & Rhetoric and Ethnography courses at Columbia College Chicago what seems like a lifetime ago. Mykhiel has presented workshops on welcoming all genders in the classroom at the Northwest Teachers for Social Justice Conference. Mykhiel loves questions more than answers and will stay up too late because of an engaging conversation–even on school nights.