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Call for Proposals: Social Justice Symposium

Date: March 5, 2018 Location: Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling

Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling

The Graduate School of Education and Counseling invites proposals for round table and poster presentations at the April 2018 Social Justice Symposium and Alumni Awards. The presentations provide an opportunity for students, alumni, staff, faculty, and community partners to showcase projects focused on creating just, inclusive, and democratic education and counseling systems, policies, and practices. We encourage you to submit!

 We welcome proposals for the following types of presentations:

  • Original research and research proposals (including action research)
  • Advocacy efforts
  • Policy changes
  • New programs or program development
  • Professional development models
  • New strategies for best practices in social justice education and counseling
  • Community-school partnerships
  • Other pertinent projects related to the professions

 Collaborations among students, faculty, and community are encouraged, as are cross-disciplinary proposals.

 Description of Session Types

Participants can choose from one of two 90-minute presentation formats: Round Table or Poster.

            Round Tables: Each round table will have 3-4 presenters whose projects have a common theme. Conference organizers will group proposals into themes during the review process. Each presenter will have up to 12 minutes to share about their work. Presenters then open the session for Q&A and dialogue among symposium attendees at the table.

            Poster Sessions:  Posters combine multiple formats (e.g., text, graphics, figures/tables, etc.) to present a project, research study, model, or program. During the session, attendees move between posters, interacting with presenters one-on-one to learn and ask questions about their work. The design provides presenters with the opportunity to have numerous wide-ranging and in-depth conversations about their work.

 To submit a proposal for consideration, please send the following:

1. Title of Poster or Round Table Presentation:

2. Preferred Session Type (check one):     Poster              Round Table                No Preference

3. Presenter(s) names, current role(s) and affiliations:

4. A brief (up to 50 word) description of the presentation for the conference program.

5. An abstract/overview of the presentation. In a maximum of one page, include: (1) objective/purpose of the presentation; (2) description of the importance of the topic for education and/or counseling; (3) what you will cover in the poster or roundtable; and (4) how the presentation connects to the social justice mission of the Graduate school. Presentations of research should include theoretical lenses/framework, methodology, and results.

Please submit your proposal here

Proposals are due by March 5th, 2018. Proposals will be reviewed by two Graduate School faculty/staff members. Participants will be notified about the acceptance of a proposal during the week  March 19th, 2018.

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