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Educational Leadership

Book Warming: Transformational Encounters

Date: 3:30pm PDT March 13 Location: Lewis & Clark College Bookstore

Lewis & Clark College Bookstore

Join us for a book warming and signing with Anna K. Gonzalez, Dean of Students and Program Director of the Student Affairs Administration graduate program. 


“Transformational Encounters is an excellent resource for institutions that espouse a commitment to hiring racially and ethnically diverse leaders yet fail to enact this goal.” - Lori Patton Davis, Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs, Indiana University 


“The book contains compelling narratives by 10 former or current senior leaders in student affairs about their journeys to their roles, along with the roles that mentors have played.” -Daryl G. Smith, Senior Research Fellow and Professor Emerita of Education and Psychology, School of Education Studies, Claremont Graduate University 


“This important book offers readers a series of transformational encounters with influential higher education and student affairs leaders.” - Shaun R. Harper, Clifford and Betty Allen Professor, University of Southern California Rossier School of Education

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