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Using Dreams in Therapy: Tools for Private Practice, Personal Development and Client Liberation

Date: 9:00am - 5:00pm PST November 16, 2018 Location: Lewis & Clark Graduate School

Lewis & Clark Graduate School

Studies indicate that human beings spend one third of our lives asleep, and roughly one quarter of them within dreams. All humans dream each night, and many of us dream lucidly through the day. Although a potentially helpful therapeutic tool, dream work remains a rarely used form of psychotherapy.

Ongoing colonization has the potential to stifle one’s ability to dream, hope, and connect with ancestral traditions. Western Eurocentric discourses aligned with neopositivism and logic continue to threaten ways of knowledge that are not aligned with agnostic, non-spiritual or atheistic points of view.

This two-part experiential workshop is designed to help practitioners uncover the potential wisdom that lucid and asleep dreaming may possess for their personal and professional development, as well as that of their clients. This is especially important to marginalized populations who may have lost their connection to dreams, hope and wonder due to current and historical oppression. 

Did you participate in a past ‘Using Dreams’ workshop? The November (part two) ‘Working with Dreams’ workshop can be taken as a stand alone training for those who have already taken the first portion of this course. See below for more details. 

August 24: Using Dreams in Private Practice, Groups and for Personal Development
In this workshop, participants will discover ways to integrate dreams into clinical practice, in a way that is both accessible and valuable, and discuss the role that dream work may play in therapy practices. We will review approaches to dream work, guidelines, and specific exercises that will help clients to develop rich visions, amplify existing ones, and move towards empowerment. We will also look at the role of the unconscious, revealing patterns and schemas, describing relationship issues, and identifying resources and suggestions for therapeutic change.

Participants will learn:

    • A brief history of dream work in ancient and contemporary times
    • Various contributions from psychology and counseling to understanding dreams
    • Ways of introducing dream work to clients
    • Utilize specific dream work techniques in clinical practice

November 16: Working with Dreams in Therapy – A Tool for Liberation
Building upon the content learned in the ‘Using Dreams’ workshop, participants will deepen their understanding of the role that dream work may play in therapy practices, and will learn specific exercises to help clients develop creativity, new maps for life, new relationships with the departed, and move toward healing. Participants will learn dream-related interventions involving Jungian traditions, and explore how to travel (both wide awake and dreaming) to promote connection, liberation and healing for our clients. We will also work with personal imagery to identify resources and suggestions for therapeutic change.

Participants will learn:

    • How to use specific dream work techniques in clinical practice
    • Ways to explore dream interpretation in the context of client’s unfolding and self-discovery
    • The continuity of dream content in waling reality, as it relates to clinical practice

Workshop Details & Registration

Date: Fridays, August 24 and November 16, 2018, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Instructor: Pilar Hernandez-Wolfe, PhD

2-Day Registration: $225 by 8/1, $250 after.  Includes 14 CEUs. Lewis & Clark Alumni save 20%. 

November (single-day) Registration: $125 by 8/1, $150 after. Includes 7 CEUs or PDUs. Lewis & Clark Alumni save 20%.  Please email to register for single-day rates.

Student Rate: $100 for 2-Day Registration, $50 for single-day.

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About the Instructor

Dr. Pilar Hernandez-Wolfe is associate professor in the Counseling Psychology Department at Lewis & Clark. She is a licensed family therapist, a licensed professional counselor, and an approved supervisor of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. She maintains a private practice at All My Relations Counseling in Portland, Oregon.

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