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Community Forum: Confronting Climate Change

Date: 1:00pm - 5:00pm PDT March 15, 2014 Location: First Unitarian Church, 1034 SW 13th Ave, Portland, OR 97205

First Unitarian Church, 1034 SW 13th Ave, Portland, OR 97205

Puzzled about climate change and what you can do about it? 

Here’s a chance to review the basics with fellow citizens, explore your thoughts and feelings, and dialogue with others about what we can do individually and collectively.  Learn what others in Portland are thinking about the issue.

This community forum will consist of facilitated small-group discussions in response to the facts about climate change. Following a curriculum designed by Parasol Climate Collective, our objectives are to acknowledge our feelings and develop our thoughts in a respectful dialogue space. Our hope is that moving beyond confusion and/or information overwhelm will help us all be more effective in whatever actions we may choose to take. 

Note: There will be no panel of experts or pre-determined strategies for action. This is a forum for open, respectful dialogue about a problem that deserves serious consideration.

This event is free and open to the public. Please use the link below to register if you will be joining us. For more information contact Tod Sloan at

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