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Adoption & the Identity Journey: a Panel Discussion | Free

Date: 10:00am - 11:30am PST January 28, 2017 Location: South Chapel, Lewis & Clark Graduate School

South Chapel, Lewis & Clark Graduate School

According to the 2010 Census, there are 2.1 million adopted individuals living in the United States, breaking down to about one in every 35 children. The numbers of those impacted by adoption balloon beyond this when including adoptive parents and birth parents. 

To be involved in an adoption—as a birth parent, an adoptive parent or an adopted person—is a lifelong, developmental journey.  For people working in counseling and education, exploring aspects of identity of those whose lives have been directly touched by adoption is essential in order to create safe and inclusive spaces for social-emotional growth and learning.

In this 90-minute discussion, panelists will speak from the “I” perspective as members of the adoptive triad, as well as offering professional expertise as counselors and adoption advocates.

Our panel will offer alternative narratives to consider—whether you are an educator choosing content for a course, a program administrator working to increase inclusive practices for those touched by adoption, or a counselor supporting a client around issues of doubt, grief or shame.

Workshop Panelists

Paige Reohr, Open Adoptee

Sage Carter, Executive Assistant at Oregon Episcopal School, and Birthmother

Kelsey Dunham, Infant Adoptee from Korea

Sara Kendall, Mental Health Therapist at Morrison Child and Family Services, and Adult Adoptee through transracial, international adoption

Shari Levine, MA, Executive Director at Open Adoption Family Services, and Adoptive Mother

MereAnn Reid, MA ’08, Child & Family Therapist, specializing in adoption and parenting support

Moderator: Nance Leonhardt, MAT ’99, Current PMHC Candidate, and Adoptive Mother

Attendees will explore, examine and discuss:
  • The varied circumstances that lead to adoption, and the diverse family structures that exist within the adoptive triad.
  • The human developmental journey through the lens of adoption (extending into Assisted Reproductive Technology populations, eg. surrogacy/donor/IVF, etc.)

  • Countering historic and cultural narratives of shame, secrecy, and ‘second-best’ related to adoption.

Course Details & Registration

Date & Time: Saturday, January 28, 2017, 10-11:30 a.m.

Cost: Free. Registrants may pay $20 to receive 1.5 CEUs or PDUs.

Lewis & Clark School-Based Mentors and Supervisors: Free. Please contact to register.

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