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7th Annual Liberation-Based Healing Conference: Community Dialogue

Date: 9:00am - 5:00pm PDT October 20, 2012 Location: Friends of the Children, 65 NE Stanton St.

Friends of the Children, 65 NE Stanton St.

In times of hunger and hardship, the thirst for liberation and social justice grows! The answers will not be found in doing more with less and hoping for better. These times call for unity and clarity around how we can best support families and communities.

The Liberation-Based Healing Conference presents strategies that promote relational healing and liberation from the oppressive patterns that structure society with the intention of applying social justice to the criminal justice system, community and domestic violence, education, immigration policy, mental health and wellness, religious and spiritual practices, poverty, and youth empowerment.

In this one-day dialogue community members and activists will explore opportunities to form new alliances and generate liberation-based healing practices for grassroots community change.

This process is designed to promote social justice and equity, bolster family and community resilience, and open up possibilities for community solutions. We seek a rich variety of viewpoints and hope you will join us!


Community members and activists are invited to attend FREE of charge on Saturday. 7 CEUs are available for Saturday participation, $20 additional fee. 

Online registration is now closed. Walk-in registration will be available at the conference. 

Looking for the two-day training? Click here. 

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If you would like to help support free community participation in this conference, please mail a check payable to Lewis & Clark College to:

Center for Community Engagement
Lewis & Clark College, MSC 85
0615 SW Palatine Hill Rd.
Portland, OR 97219 

Thank you for your support!

Community Engagement

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