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How do I know if I am selecting the right grade level (elementary, middle, high school) for my practicum placement? What grade is my endorsement valid for?

Teachers holding an Initial or Continuing teaching license, must complete their practicum in either the early childhood/elementary (pre-K through 8th grade) OR the middle level/high school (5th through 12th grades) authorization levels. Most often, the endorsement practicum is completed in the grade range for which you are already authorized to teach on your existing teaching license.

The ESOL/Bilingual endorsement will be granted for teaching in the paired authorization level in which you complete their practicum (in other words, either early childhood/elementary OR middle-level/high school).

In order to earn the endorsement at BOTH paired levels (i.e., pre-K through 12th grade), you must enroll in and complete an additional practicum at the second paired level.