January 10, 2022

Career Services Blog

Our Director of Public Interest Law Speaks to Students About Managing Debt as a Public Interest Law Student

Lexie Zirschky, Lewis & Clark Law School’s very own Director of Public Interest Law will speak on a panel with representatives from Berkeley and Northeastern Law Schools about Managing Debt as a Public Interest Law Student on Monday, January 10, 2022:

Today, the vast majority of law students must borrow to pay for their legal education. For students hoping to pursue a career in public interest law, it is even more important to understand student debt and what resources are available in order to establish a financially-viable career path. Featuring a panel of career service and financial aid professionals from three public interest supporting law schools, this presentation will help you understand how to finance legal education and manage debt as a public interest attorney. The panelists will cover the basics of educational debt and introduce useful resources that can help you plan for a future career in public interest law.

If you would like information on this panel or how to navigate your career in light of your personal circumstances, contact Career Services.