Scholarship Support

Supporting scholarships gives life to your values.

At Lewis & Clark, more than half of our graduate school students rely on financial aid to start and continue their uncommon journeys. Your scholarship gifts assist both our students and those who benefit from their dedication and work as teachers, counselors, and leaders in education.

How much impact does your support have? Lots, says middle school principal Tony Mann MAT. ’94: “You can call it opening doors, removing obstacles, lighting fires; all of it boils down to helping adults become their very best for kids.”

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships provide a steady and reliable stream of support. These funds generally grow over time, generating income for many of our scholarship awards. When you give to an endowed scholarship, you are making a personal impact on the lives of our students. 

Endowed scholarships currently awarded to graduate school students include the following:

Mary V. and Broughton H. Bishop Teacher Education Scholarship

Counseling Psychology Diversity Scholarship

Carol D. Dimich Memorial Scholarship

Allen Frawley ’51 Scholarship

Viola M. and James C. Gale Scholarship

Alice “Peggy” Ewer Halsey ’39 Scholarship

William Randolph Hearst Scholarship

Kimberly Scholarship

Gloria M. Lopez-Davis Scholarship

Christopher E. and Mardra Jay Opportunity Scholarship

Kurkinen Scholarship

Ardis (Newholm) Loonie ’49 Scholarship

Elizabeth D. Martin Memorial Scholarship

Caitlin Murphy Nash Scholarship

Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation Scholarship

Wind Moore Scholarship

Springhill Scholarship

Annual Scholarships

Annual scholarships provide critical support to students from a variety of backgrounds and honor long-time friends of Lewis & Clark. Your generosity ensures that deserving students receive these vital financial resources every year. Annual scholarships awarded by the graduate school include the following:

Laurie W. and Paul M. Copley Scholarship

Donna C. Dermond Scholarship

Far West Recycling Math/Science Scholarship

Paul Hall and Lyn Agre Family Scholarship

MacLeod Scholarship

MAT Scholarship

Florence Seberg Morford ’49 Scholarship

Star Meadow Counseling Equity Scholarship

Kurt Wehbring Scholarship


Funding or Establishing Scholarships

The minimum amount required to endow a scholarship is $50,000. Donors who create an endowed scholarship often continue giving to bolster their strength.  Once endowed, these scholarship funds are held by the college in perpetuity, creating a lasting legacy of support for our students.

Donors who contribute to annual scholarships help make them available each year. Pledge commitments for annual scholarships usually run over five years. 

For more information about adding to or establishing scholarships, please contact Senior Development Officer Rebecca Holt at 503-768-7943 or, or visit How To Make a Gift.