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Faculty and staff welcome the opportunity to provide recommendations for employment, professional organizations, and academic programs when students request them. However, federal law requires a written consent from the student to release educational information other than directory information.

Therefore, if you plan to provide a recommendation which speaks to a student’s performance in your class, the student will need to complete a release form. Students may find this form in the forms area of the Registrar’s Website or you may provide it to students.

Release of Educational Records for Recommendations

This form should be maintained for five years after the student leaves the college. It is recommended that you send the form to the Registrar’s Office for inclusion in the student’s file which then relieves you of the burden of storing the document securely in your own records.


Functionality in WebAdvisor allows a student to grant temporary access to transcript information to any faculty or staff member.

This information is intended for use internally or for recommendations. For information requests other than recommendations, please direct the third party or student to the Registrar’s Office.

To access information which a student has authorized, use your faculty or staff access to find the “Student Granted Access” menu item.


A screen will appear which will display the students who have granted permission to you. You should be able to access their transcripts, test summary, holds, authorizations, schedule or program evaluation from this page.

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