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Staff Support

Each department has staff support. Your department chair or program director will let you know who your support person is and the type of work this person is responsible for in the department. Faculty may also hire student research assistants [Form and process, PDF].

New Faculty Orientation Video

A video introducing faculty to many basics—including an introduction to campus, information on how to use WebAdvisor to search for sections and complete online grading, how to check class rosters, and more.

Video at:

Classrooms, Room Assignment, and Technology

  • If you need a specific room or room features for your class (e.g. SMART board, computer lab), submit room requests to your department office at least two months in advance.
  • Check the audio/visual equipment well in advance of the first day of class.
  • Request any changes in course meeting times, computer lab reservations, and classroom changes through your department’s administrative staff.
  • When you finish your class session, please take down anything you may have posted during class and return furniture to its original setup.
  • For problems with your classroom (i.e., burned out light bulb, leaky roof) or if you find any door locked and need to gain entrance, call Campus Safety at 503-768-7855. 
  • SMART classrooms have wireless data access, media screen, sound system, and A/V rack (including computer, overhead projector, laptop connections for projection, CD/DVD/VCR players).
  • The computer lab has 20 computers and a printer and can be reserved for classes. The computer lab is open for student use any time when it is not reserved for a scheduled class. Access to the computer lab is gained with a Lewis & Clark ID card.
  • Note: Classrooms on the undergraduate campus do not include document cameras or DVD/CD drives on the classroom computers. A document camera or external DVD/CD drive can be ordered from Instructional Media Services.  A request for equipment from IMS can be submitted to their department staff. Staff will request IMS to set up the equipment  in the CAS classroom for the class dates and times.

AV Equipment
Most classrooms are equipped with a TV, VCR, and CD and DVD players and overhead projector. If these are not in good working order, please inform Patti Palczewska, at 503-768-6195 or If you need immediate assistance, call Instructional Media Services at 503-768-7290 or 503-768-7293.

Laptops, Video Cameras, Microphones
Graduate school technology for classroom use can be checked out for a short time. Equipment available for checkout includes:

  • Digital video recorders (Flip and Kodak Zi8)
  • Microphones (wireless and wired, for use the Kodak Zi8)
  • Mac adapters
  • Presentation clicker
  • MP3 voice recorder
  • Tripod
  • Laptops (Mac and Windows)

To ensure availability during your class, please reserve them at least one week in advance of your class by contacting Rachel Greben at or 503-768-6013.

To reserve the Graduate School iPad classroom set (30 iPads on a rolling cart), visit the iPad request page. For help planning instruction using the iPad, please contact Damian Miller,, 503-768-6184.

Course Materials and Readings

Course Material Preparation

If you need to copy materials for your class, give your request to the program office at well in advance of the date needed (please check with the department office regarding specific details of how to submit your orders electronically). Copyrighted materials must be accompanied by the required permissions.


Moodle is an open-source learning management system. In Moodle, you can create an online space for your class where you can post syllabi, share readings and audiovisual materials, collect assignments, stage interactive discussions and collaborative activities, and provide schedules and other class-related information.

A Moodle page has already been created for your course—if you know Moodle, all you need to do is sign in with your LC username and password. If you would like assistance in designing a Moodle page for your course, contact Damian Miller at

Watzek Library Resources

  • The library/faculty liaison program pairs a librarian with each academic department or program to facilitate the selection of library materials, inform faculty about new library resources and services, and assist you with your instructional needs.
  • Our Course reserve service provides controlled, ready access to materials required for Lewis & Clark classes. Many items, such as journal articles, book chapters, and audio selections, can be made available through electronic reserve. You can also find information about how to deliver course readings of different times in ways that adhere to our copyright requirements.
  • Faculty and Staff may borrow books and audiovisual materials from Watzek library using your Lewis & Clark ID. Through our Article Delivery service Watzek staff will scan journal articles and book chapters available in Watzek’s print or microform collections for faculty. Using Graduate Campus Delivery graduate faculty may have library materials delivered directly to Rogers Hall. You may return items to Watzek by placing them in the book drop located in York Commons if you cannot make it to our building.
  • Read more about faculty resources available through Watzek.
Books and Textbooks from the Bookstore
  • To obtain a desk or examination copy, contact your program coordinator. To obtain publisher contact information, utilize the Faculty Center Network or contact Todd Davis at
  • Bookstore order deadlines are as follows:
    Fall semester courses: April 20
    Spring semester courses: October 15
    Summer sessions: February 15
  • For details on textbook ordering, see the FAQ

Providing Letters of Reference for Students

Faculty and staff welcome the opportunity to provide recommendations for employment, professional organizations, and academic programs when students request them. If a student requests that you provide them with a letter of reference, you will likely want to review their academic record. In order to do so, there are two items you’ll find useful. First, there is a form that you will need the student to fill out that authorizes the release of their educational records to you. Second, functionality in WebAdvisor allows a student to grant temporary access to transcript information to any faculty or staff member so that you can review the students file. To learn more about both, go to this page.