Assistant Professor Nathaniel Brown Discusses Shortcomings of Oregon’s Mental Health System with OPB

“Oregon is predominantly white as a state, and you can’t run from that. You can look and see the number of providers that are located in the state of Oregon. And when you look at it, you can see who’s in the majority, who’s not in the majority.”

Linda Christensen, OWP Director, Receives Prestigious Education Award

“I can’t think of any teacher in America who has had such a wide and positive influence on the teaching of English to under-served students in American secondary schools.” - Sheridan Blau, Teachers College at Columbia University

Assistant Professor Joslyn Armstrong Offers Career Advice for Recent Graduates

Armstrong discusses what she believes recent graduates in mental health fields will need to know in order to find success, why the demand for mental health services is on the rise, and how technology and teletherapy will continue to play a significant role in the field.

Online Learning Still Produces Great Teachers: A Q&A with the MAT Program Directors

Our program is organized around principles of effective teaching that transcend any particular delivery method; the foundational skills that teachers need are the same whether they are teaching online or in person.

Professor Kimberly Campbell Receives 2020 NCTE Affiliate Journal of Excellence Award

This award, established in 1995, honors outstanding affiliate journals and their editors who demonstrate excellence in these publications.

Professor Nathaniel Brown receives the 2020 ‘Ohana Honors Award

Nathaniel (Nathan) Brown, assistant professor of Professional Mental Health Counseling, received the 2020 ‘Ohana Honors Award from the Association of Counselors for Social Justice (CSJ).

A study on the effects of COVID-19 and distance learning on teachers’ working conditions.

What happens to teachers’ working conditions when a pandemic displaces students from classrooms and forces all learning to go online virtually overnight? Alisun Thompson and Lina Darwich, assistant professors of education, are developing a study in collaboration with researchers at UC Santa Cruz to address this specific question.

Teacher education faculty and alumna develop powerful panel discussion: Responding to Educator Sexual Misconduct in K-12 Schools

Featuring educational and legal professionals who will provide attendees with an overview of this increasingly reported issue, and describe their direct experiences in responding to and preventing it.

Teacher education professor launches children’s literature blog to create More Shelf Awareness

The objective of this blog as a course tool is linked to culturally responsive teaching practices—recognizing the importance of including students’ cultural references in all aspects of learning.

Art therapy instructor brings art-making opportunities to east Portland community

What does a block party look like in east Portland? During the second annual Arte Soleil block party held on September 14, it looked like dozens of families spending a summer day building community and having crafty fun.

Art Therapy professor Mary Andrus spearheads pivotal art therapy legislation

Spearheaded and championed by Professor Mary Andrus, new legislation signed into law by Oregon Governor Kate Brown (JD ’85) earlier this year will create new licensure requirements and protections for art therapists practicing in Oregon.

SAA Professor Mark Figueroa Named Dean of Equity and Inclusion

“I am eager to move forward into a more visible leadership role on critical issues of equity and inclusion at Lewis & Clark.” - Mark Figueroa

Lana Kim, MCFT, receives AFTA’s Early Career Award for significant contributions to the field

“It is my greatest honor to share in the work of AFTA and to be recognized by my colleagues for my contributions. I am deeply humbled to receive this award.” - Lana Kim

Ecopsychology co-director Patricia Hasbach discusses the rise of eco-anxiety with Clinician’s Digest

When given a nudge, a number of clients and students are admitting to an overwhelming concern about the news of today’s warming world, and with the fragility of life itself.