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  • Rick Berman
    Instructor and Director of Problem Gambling Services
    Professional Mental Health Counseling—Addictions
    Rogers Hall 422

    Problem gambling, problem online gaming, substance use disorders, co-occurring mental health and addictive disorders, trauma recovery, feedback-informed treatment, program development

  • Janet Bixby
    Associate Dean/Associate Professor
    Rogers Hall 211

    Civic engagement of youth, teaching history, teaching social studies, equitable practices

  • Kenneth H. Brinson, Jnr.
    Assistant Professor
    Educational Administration
    Rogers Hall 306

    Educational Administration Preparation, Practicum/Internship Activities, Case Study Research, Dissertation/Thesis Writing, Invitational Education

  • Kimberly Campbell
    Associate Professor, Chair of Teacher Education
    M.A.T. Middle Level/High School Program (Language Arts)
    Rogers Hall 406

    Middle and high school language arts, development of knowledge for new teachers, using teacher research to support knowledge development in new teachers, teaching middle and high school literature

  • Jeffrey Kyle Christensen
    Assistant Professor
    Professional Mental Health Counseling
    Rogers Hall 329

    Substance Abuse/Dependence, Suicide, At-Risk Youth, Supervision (Practicum/Internship), Counseling Student Retention Policies/Evaluation, Counselor Burnout, Spirituality, Wellness

  • Linda Christensen
    Instructor and Director of the Oregon Writing Project
    Rogers Hall 106
  • Lina Darwich
    Assistant Professor
  • Jennifer de Saxe
    Assistant Professor
    Rogers Hall 419

    Democracy in education, teacher education and critical self reflexivity, critical feminism in education, and foundations in education

  • Elena Lilles Diamond
    Assistant Professor
    School Psychology
    Rogers Hall 335

    School Readiness, Early Intervention, Academic Achievement, Consultation, International School Psychology 

  • Cort Dorn-Medeiros
    Assistant Professor
    Professional Mental health Counseling - Specialization in Addictions

    Addictions treatment, mental health care, counselor education, clinical supervision, housing resources, curriculum development, volunteer recruitment, volunteer management, grant writing.

  • Carol Doyle
    Associate Professor
    Professional Mental Health Counseling
    Rogers Hall 317

    Research Methods & Statistics, Gay & Lesbian Identity Development, Sexual Minority Issues in Counseling

  • Alejandra Favela
    Associate Professor, Director of ESOL/Bilingual Endorsement Program
    ESOL/Bilingual Endorsement
    Rogers Hall 431

    Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Pedagogy

  • Sue Feldman
    Assistant Professor
    Doctor of Education in Leadership
    Rogers Hall 302

    Learning-Focused Leadership, The Generation and Use of Equity-focused Education Policy and Practice Interactional Analysis, Qualitative and Quantitative Research and Evaluation

  • Mark Figueroa
    Assistant Professor; Associate Provost for Institutional Research and Planning
    Student Affairs Administration
    Frank Manor House

    Institutional research, strategic planning, equity and diversity, student access and success, quantitative and qualitative research methods, program evaluation and assessment

  • Liza Finkel
    Associate Professor
    M.A.T. Preservice Secondary Program (Science)
    Rogers Hall 421

    Science Education, Teacher Education, Democratic Education, Secondary Education, Public School Reform, Science Teaching

  • Scott Fletcher
    Dean and Professor
    Rogers Hall 206A

    Philosophy of Education, Curriculum Theory, Teacher Preparation, and Environmental Education

  • Mollie Galloway
    Associate Professor
    Doctor of Education in Leadership
    Rogers Hall 310

    Leadership for Equity and Social Justice, Construction of Privilege in Schools, Human Development, Applied Research Methods,

  • Anna Gonzalez
    Assistant Professor; Dean of Student Life
    Student Affairs Administration
    East Residence Hall

    Policy Development and Implementation; Strategic Planning; Diversity Education; Conflict Mediation and Crisis Intervention; Student Organization Advising; Campus-wide Program Development; Recruitment, Selection, and Supervision; Personal and Career Choice Counseling; Curriculum Development; Student Conduct; Budget and Resource Management; Fundraising and Parent & Alumni Development

  • Linda Griffin
    Assistant Professor, Program Director
    M.A.T. Preservice Early Childhood/Elementary Program
    Rogers Hall 411

    K-12 Mathematics, Reform in K-12 Mathematics Education, Equity in Mathematics Education, Learning Progressions in Mathematics, Early Childhood Mathematics, English Language Learners and Mathematics, Culturally Responsive Supervision, Dialogic Teaching in Mathematics.

  • Heather Hadraba
    Assistant Professor
    School Counseling, Program Director
    Rogers Hall 311

    Motivational Interviewing, Group Counseling, College and Career Readiness for K-12 Students

  • Justin Henderson
    Director | Assistant Professor
    Lewis & Clark Community Counseling Center | Professional Mental Health Counseling

    Compassion, Acceptance, and Mindfulness-based Therapeutic Modalities and Interventions; Shame Dynamics in Therapy; Shame Dynamics in Power, Privilege, and Oppression; Compassion Mind Training; Trauma; Body Image; Gender and Sexuality; Health Psychology; Training and Supervision; Clinical System Administration; Organizational Development and Consultation

  • Pilar Hernandez-Wolfe
    Associate Professor
    Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy
    Rogers Hall 331

    Traumatic Stress, Resilience, Vicarious Resilience, Human Rights, Decolonization, Family Therapy Supervision, Clinical Supervision, Domestic Violence, Animal-Human Bond and Counseling, Ecoinformed Family Therapy

  • Kathryn Jaspers
    Assistant Professor
    School Psychology
  • Stella Beatríz Kerl-McClain
    Associate Professor
    Professional Mental Health Counseling
    Rogers Hall 328

    Families, Couples and Individual Therapies; Diagnosis and Treatment of College Students, Children, Adolescents, Community Women, Couples and Families, and People with Chronic Mental Illness

  • Lana Kim
    Associate Professor
    Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy

    culture and cultural identity, gender, social constructionist and contextual approaches, couples therapy, and parent-child relationships

  • Carmen Knudson-Martin
    Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy
    Rogers Hall 319

    Gender, race, and class in family therapy; sociocultural dynamics in family therapy; feminist perspectives in family therapy; family systems; family therapy assessment; couples and sex therapy

  • Matthew David Lovell
    Instructor/Clinical Coordinator
    Marriage, Couple and Family Therapy
    Rogers Hall Rogers Hall 327

    Adolescent Development, Group Therapy, Family Therapy, Couples Therapy, Trauma, Clinical Supervision

  • Rafe McCullough
    Assistant Professor
    School Counseling

    Affirmative counseling with transgender and LGBQ individuals, multicultural & social justice counseling competencies, advocacy in schools, group counseling, school counseling, college counseling

  • Teresa McDowell
    Professor and Department Chair
    Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy
    Rogers Hall 313

    Marriage and Family Therapy and MFT education, Critical social theory in the practice of family therapy, Internationalizing family therapy, Certified Problem Gambling Counselor, AAMFT Approved Supervisor

  • Dawn Montgomery
    Assistant Professor
    Educational Administration
    Rogers Hall 304

    Equity and Social Justice, Secondary School Reform, Professional Learning Communities, Leadership Development, Courage and Renewal Facilitation, Inquiry Teams, Leadership Performance Coaching.

  • Peter Mortola
    School Psychology
    Rogers Hall 323

    Lifespan Development, Group Counseling with Children, Social & Emotional Assessment of Children, Developmentally Appropriate Methods of Counseling Children

  • Arien Muzacz
    Assistant Professor
    Professional Mental Health Counseling - Specialization in Addictions
    Rogers Hall 405

    Dr. Muzacz’s research interests include addictions, multicultural counseling, health disparities and human sexuality – including sexual identity, fantasy and behavior, especially among underrepresented or alternative populations.

  • Amy Rees
    Associate Professor
    Professional Mental Health Counseling
    Rogers Hall 333

    Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgendered Issues; Feminist Therapies; Counselor Supervision; Ecosystemic Child/Adolescent Treatment

  • Tod Sloan
    Professional Mental Health Counseling; Ecopsychology
    Rogers Hall 433

    Adult Development, Critical Psychology, Social Theory, Global Community Psychology, Dialogue Practices for Deep Democracy

  • Greg Smith
    M.A.T. Preservice Early Childhood/Elementary Program
    Rogers Hall 426

    Literacy & Learning, Sustainability, Environmental/Ecological Education, Place-Based Education, Alternative & Small Schools, Environmental/Ecological Education

  • Kim Stafford
    Associate Professor and Director
    Northwest Writing Institute
    Rogers Hall 424

    The Practice of Creative Writing, Teaching Writing, Ethnography of One’s Own Culture, Writing & Teaching Writing, The Poetry of William Stafford, The Literary Center as a Resource for Cultural Change, Peace-Making

  • Danielle Torres
    Associate Professor
    School Counseling
    Rogers Hall 307

    Educational Research, Assessment, & Technology; Social Justice & Diversity; Internship; Meeting Counseling Needs of Diverse Populations in Schools; Trauma-Informed Work in Schools; Increasing Academic Resiliency; Strengthening Family & School Connections; Post-Secondary College & Career Development for First Generation & Students of Color; School-Based Research Evaluation and Consultation

  • Amy Turnbull
    Secondary MAT Program (Art)
    Rogers Hall 425

    Curriculum, instruction, and assessment in the visual arts, using teacher research to support knowledge development in new teachers, literacy in the arts.

  • David Ward
    Assistant Professor
    M.A.T. Preservice Early Childhood/Elementary Program
    Rogers Hall 413

    Literacy, Elementary Education, Children’s Literature, Reading and Writing, Connections, the Arts in Education, New Literacies

  • Dyan Watson
    Associate Professor
    M.A.T. Middle Level/High School Program (Social Studies)
    Rogers Hall 408

    Qualitative research methods, race and teaching, equity and social justice, teacher research.

  • Marisol Garcia Westberg
    Assistant Professor
    Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy
    Rogers Hall 327

    Sexuality, Pleasure, Marginalization, Positive Therapy

Graduate Faculty

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