Teacher Education

Program Timeline

Teacher candidates enrolled in the Secondary MAT program will attend graduate courses while simultaneously gaining classroom experience via their practicum. Candidates have the unique opportunity to experience an entire bell-to-bell year at their placement site, gradually spending less time taking graduate courses and more time in their placement classrooms, building up to their solo teaching experience in the spring.


Prepare to Teach: June through late-August

Welcome to the graduate school! During your first summer you will:

  • Attend classes and complete initial coursework on the graduate campus
  • Receive student teaching placement
  • Meet potential mentor

Practicum: There are no designated practicum hours during the first summer.

Observe and Assist: Late-August through mid-October

You now have a confirmed teaching placement and have completed the foundational coursework needed to begin your journey into the classroom. During early fall you will:

  • Participate in the start of school activities, spending extra time at your site during the first week of school
  • Work with your mentor to determine in which course you will begin teaching
  • Participate in the School Exchange

Practicum: 10 - 15 hours per week. Tuesdays are available as a full-time day.

Co-Plan and Co-Teach: Late-October through mid-November

You are now well established at your placement site and have gained experience in the classroom. During mid-fall, you will:

  • Co-plan lessons with your mentor teacher for you to implement
  • Possibly begin co-teaching lessons
  • Develop and submit lesson plans for December teaching

Practicum: 10 - 15 hours per week at your primary placement.

Teach December Plan: Mid-November through December

You are now ready to experience being the lead teacher for the first time! During late-fall, you will:

  • Take on the role of lead teacher for one class period between mid-November and winter break (approximately 3 weeks)
  • Use data to make instructional decisions and reflect on the experience

Practicum: Every morning until winter break.

Refine Your Work: January through March

You have successfully completed your first lead-teaching experience and are well-rested from winter break. During early spring, you will:

  • Analyze and reflect on data from December teaching
  • Continue as lead teacher for one class period
  • Plan a first teaching unit with your mentor to implement in February/March

Practicum: 15 - 20 hours per week.

Teach Full-Time: April through June

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! You have now been lead-teacher for one class period for over three months, and are ready to transition into teaching full-time. During mid-spring you will:

  • Gradually transition to a 3/4 teaching load after spring break
  • Work at your placement site full-time
  • Continue with your graduate coursework, now taking place only in the evenings

Practicum: Full-time after spring break through the end of the school-year in June.

Complete Degree: June through July

Congratulations - you’re almost a teacher! During early-summer you will:

  • Participate in commencement
  • Finish teaching and grading at your site
  • Participate in all end-of-year activities at your site
  • Complete summer coursework

Practicum: There are no designated practicum hours.