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Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), Art

Lewis & Clark has a reputation for preparing excellent teachers of the liberal arts. The Preservice Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) with Preliminary Teaching License continues this tradition by offering recent graduates and adults in career transition the opportunity to teach at the middle or high school level. Our program prepares new teachers to think analytically about their subject matter and the school curriculum, their practice of the teaching craft, and their role in the ethical and organizational dilemmas of schooling.

The Preservice MAT in Art degree program complements similar ones in other subject areas and early childhood/elementary education. These programs all stress a strong disciplinary background and commitment to critical appraisal of curriculum in the candidate’s field.

Program Features

  • School-year-long internship in a middle or high school in the Portland metropolitan area working with an experienced art mentor teacher.
  • Campus studies in education, art teaching, and curriculum theory and construction.
  • Examination of different traditions of art instruction focusing especially on the development of effective approaches for the teaching of studio art.
  • Understanding of the intellectual and empirical research traditions as applied to education and art teaching.
  • Fulfillment of the requirements for an Oregon Preliminary Teaching License in art at the middle level and high school grades.

More Information

For further information about licensing, degree programs, and course offerings in the teaching of art, please contact:

Amy Turnbull

Admission Expectations

We prefer that applicants hold a baccalaureate degree with a major in art. A minor in art or extensive training or professional experience as demonstrated by the resume and portfolio will be considered.

All candidates applying to the MAT in the subject area of art are required to submit a portfolio consisting of examples of their art work.

Portfolio requirement guidelines

  • Quantity: A minimum of 12-15 pieces.
  • The portfolio should reflect current interests, as well as past work demonstrating drawing, painting, sculpture, and design skills. Include a variety of mediums in order to show as many skills as possible. Variety is preferred. Examples from of a recent series or coursework may be included.
  • The portfolio must be submitted in digital format. Do not submit actual, original art pieces.
  • The portfolio should be submitted/uploaded online with other required application materials.