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Educational Leadership

SAA Program Faculty

  • Mark Figueroa
    Assistant Professor; Associate Provost for Institutional Research and Planning

    Institutional research acts as a hub in higher education institutions, bringing historically siloed areas together. We get to help people frame questions, identify opportunities, and determine whether solutions are having expected impacts.

  • Anna Gonzalez
    Adjunct Professor at Lewis & Clark; Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students at Harvey Mudd College

    Learning is a shared and collective process. This type of participatory learning can occur when students and teachers are reflective about who they are in relation to others, and that it is important to understand social inequities and how higher education and student affairs practitioners can play a role in dismantling systematic oppression in order to create socially just learning environments.   

  • Dr. Brenda Valles
    Assistant Professor and Program Director

    My teaching recognizes the dual teaching and learning that occurs between students and instructor. I support student empowerment and recognize the contribution of students at the center of teaching and learning through pedagogical practices that foster inclusion, belonging and compassion.As a Chicana and first-generation college student I honor the experiential knowledge students bring with them and work to build on that in the classes I teach. I do this through engaging a co-constructionist and collaborative pedagogical approach that assumes every member can contribute to the learning in multiple ways by weaving his/her/their lived experiences (history, expertise, etc.) into the teaching-learning process.My teaching also folds in advising as a central component that extends beyond advising students in my classroom.I work diligently to forge opportunities for students to be a part of research and action-oriented spaces through assignments.

  • Mollie Galloway
    Associate Professor; Department of Educational Leadership Chair

    I believe in working collaboratively with schools and educational organizations to find generative solutions that bring forward silenced voices and compel social change.


  • Kayleigh McCauley
    Adjunct Professor; Associate Dean of Students, Director of Student Support Services

    Find your resources on campus, figure out who and what will help you reach your goals.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  You shouldn’t know the answers to all of your questions, that’s why they are questions.  Ask your professors, ask a staff member, ask a peer, just don’t be afraid to ask the questions.  This is a learning process, not just in the classroom, but out of the classroom as well.